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Call of duty

2011-01-28 14:56:16 by SweatyJudz

Not been on new grounds for sme time but im back
Got banned from Black ops so im back on my laptop causing havoc ..... lol

Its Christmas!!!!

2010-12-23 11:57:47 by SweatyJudz

Christmas eve tomoz WOOOT WOOT cant fuking wait till christmas getting my new awsome guitar! (The guitar im getting is in the Picture!!) Love you newground guy (Tom Fulp apparently :P)xD!!

Its Christmas!!!!

6 days!

2010-12-18 10:32:43 by SweatyJudz

Six days till the day woot woot gettin my new s series ibenez woot


2010-12-18 06:48:12 by SweatyJudz

Woot woot its snowing!!! Xmas in 7 days woooooooooot


2010-12-17 18:31:07 by SweatyJudz

Dont ya just love this wesite wooot wooot!!!